Hi! I’m Eric Lundblade.

I’m currently working as an Education Coordinator for Al-Bustan, an Arab cultural non-profit that works inside and outside schools. This job gives me the opportunity to connect with educators all over Philadelphia. I’m enjoying it. “next-gen tutoring” is something I do in my spare time. More on that later.

I taught in a North Philadelphia neighborhood high school from the fall of 2009 to the summer of 2011. In those two years I taught students physics, physical science, biology, introduction to computing, and co-taught chemistry. My major in college was history. I was a 2009 Corps Member (CM) with Teach for America.

TFA is an organization about which I have very complicated thoughts and feelings.

I’m interested in teaching and learning from history. I believe we are poised at the edge of what Sir Ken Robinson calls a Learning Revolution. I’m interested in thinking about what teaching and learning can look like in this ever-accelerating mobile communications revolution. It’s become trite to say that we “carry the internet in our pockets” – but we have only begun to scratch the surface of what that can mean for how we learn.

Information is free. The sky’s the limit.

I am indebted to Sir Ken Robinson, Chris Anderson, Chris Lehmann, Diana Laufenberg, Dan Meyer, and many others (see Influences page).

The questions I’m interested in answering include, but are not limited to the following: “What does ‘a good education’ mean”How can more people find their Element, their passion?” “How can we use technology for learning?”

I live in Philly.


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